Thursday, April 9, 2009

٭αugusт яusн٭

"The music is all around you, all you have to do is listen."
-August Rush

If you love music, I would definately advise you to watch this movie. According to the critics this movie is a fairytale. I would have to say it's quite a unique fairytale but a fairytale none the less.
Freddie Highmore who plays Evan Taylor (Or August Rush, his stage name) is an amazing actor. He plays a boy living in an orphanage but no one knows he has a hidden talent. Music. He finds his love for music, hoping it will connect him to the parents who gave him up many years ago. The music in this movie is absolutely amazing. The way they brought together all different kinds of music and put it into one movie to show diversity is amazing. And another thing that I liked about this movie is that they show the ups and downs of being a musician and struggles that some may face in doing the thing that they love most.

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